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Friday, January 6, 2012

Is Romney paying these kooks?

As a youngster my grandmother advised me that having silly ideas was
permissable as long as you kept them to yourself. At this point in the
calvalcade of amateurish stars being rolled out onto the Republican stage you would guess that the RNC chairperson is dishing out this same advice, at least behind closed doors. Herman Cain's dalliances aside, the statements he made alone were enough to see him not make it out of the traing camp debates. Rick Perry opened his mouth one too many times, even for the nerves of some of his most loyal followers. And after a series of commercial breaks funded by conservative PACs, Gingrich's weekend surge to the front collapsed, followed by a none-too-smart and none-too-researched comment regarding blacks, jobs, and food stamps (a comment he is sticking to). To his credit, Ron Paul doesn't need to make any new comments to qualify with the fringe right (or fringe left I'm afraid to add). He and his now senator son have made a whole YouTube channel's worth in the past. If there is one ray of sunshine to come out of the dark abyss of the Iowa primary it is the retirement of Michelle Bachmann from this boorish contest. And I just don't have the stomach to recount her yearlong diatribe of foolish statements and faux pas.

Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse along comes one more, a self-proclaimed "Jesus Candidate", with comments that would make campaign advisors of ANY party cringe. Rick Santorum. The following are a few of the statements I've heard from him in the last three days. You just can't make this stuff up.

Rick Santorum statements (already):

1. Gay marriage is like polygamy and beastiality.
2. Social Security benefits should be cut immediately.
3. Gay soldiers are bad for the Army.
4. People with pre-existing conditions like cancer should be charged more for health inurance.
5. Contraception is the same as abortion.
6. He will immediately bomb Iran.
7. As President he would abolish federal courts he didn't agree with. (Okay. He stole this one from Gingrich)
8. Better to have a father in jail than two mothers.

I don't believe Mitt Romney has anything to worry about at this point. Do

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