The progress of humanity has been greatly enhanced by those who, after thoughtful analysis, expressed views that are contrary to popular thought. Persons like Voltaire, Galileo, Socrates, Nietzsche, and the father of both the American and French revolutions, the great Thomas Paine, whose "Rights of Man" and "Age of Reason" would make him the contrarian of all time in my book.

It is in the spirit of these polemicists that I create this blog. It is my intent to challenge popular suppositions. While it will become evident that I am generally a progressive liberal, hopefully I will have the courage to take opposing viewpoints to those of my own comrades when appropriate.

No comments will be deleted based solely on the political , social, economic or religious views you may have. In fact I encourage thoughtful discourse. I will however promptly remove any postings that contain overtly vulgar comments, racial slurs, hate speech of any kind, or multiple postings of "conspiracy theories". Though not required, please post links for references to the point you are trying to make, or at the least, give us an idea of where you found the information that supports your cause or claim.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

There is NO association between "OccupyWallStreet" and the hacker group 'Anonymous'

Let it be known that there is a group known simply as 'Anonymous' that according to YouTube postings is planning a DNS (denial of service) hacking attack on Wall Street computers some time in the next few weeks. They are asking that you download a hacking program so that your computer can be used in this illegal action. I wish to make it clear that although I have associated myself with the "Occupy" movement, I in no way condone any of the activities of the 'Anonymous' group whatsoever. My position is that beyond being illegal, such action flies in the face of the 1st Amendment, is a form of defacto censorship, is a bastardization of the term "civil disobedience", and is counter-productive to the cause of the "Occupy" movement. "Anonymous" has publicly supported the "Occupy" movement. So have other political groups, unions, politicians. However, the "Occupy" movement does not endorse, promote, or associate itself with any of these groups or approve of any of their actions. Nor do the words or actions of any individual member of the movement garner such endorsement. The purpose and goals of "Occupy" are clearly stated in their official releases, and only after a consensus of their General Assemblies held daily.

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