The progress of humanity has been greatly enhanced by those who, after thoughtful analysis, expressed views that are contrary to popular thought. Persons like Voltaire, Galileo, Socrates, Nietzsche, and the father of both the American and French revolutions, the great Thomas Paine, whose "Rights of Man" and "Age of Reason" would make him the contrarian of all time in my book.

It is in the spirit of these polemicists that I create this blog. It is my intent to challenge popular suppositions. While it will become evident that I am generally a progressive liberal, hopefully I will have the courage to take opposing viewpoints to those of my own comrades when appropriate.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Solidarity thru Fear Pledge

I, as a natural born citizen of the United States of America, duly ordained by God with special rights, and having been robbed by lazy poor people in the name of government socialists, do hereby solemnly swear:

1.) To never look out beyond my own perceived reality no matter how small or shallow it may be.

2.) To fear any change or chance thereof. To embrace fear first as an individual choice or right.

3.) To uphold the adherence to living a static life fully vested in fear.

4.) To be fearful of all peoples who don't look, think, or act like me.

5.) To allow fear to trump Constitutional rights.

6.) To promote fear as a defense against any argument or cause.

7.) Despite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, support any lie that will help me maintain my narrow view.

8.) When all else fails, to attack science and institutions of learning.

9.) To direct blame towards those who are least able to defend themselves.

10.) To base my political activity on demogogy and hate.
Having taken this pledge, I will support candidates who sow doubt and fear into the hearts of otherwise reasonable people, so that I may remain in my insulated cucoon protected from the problems of others.


  1. Good list of fear.

    I saw the other day where Newt was selling a DVD of a video that is designed to reinforce fear. About ten days ago I got a call from someone who asked for me by name and when I acknowledged I was she, started out with "I'm calling from Newt Geinrich office to..." I stopped her and told her she best destroy my number as there wasn't a single thing that Newt had to say I wanted to hear. She said, "I'm sorry I just…" I said, "You should be."


  2. Charlene: We get lots of those robocalls and an occasional live person call. Funny how they exempted politics from the telemarketing law and no call list rules. I have more respect for the ones who knock on the door. Don't get many of them anymore.

  3. Nice addition Lonnie!!! Love it and play off of "fear." Look we based a war on terror on it. Really who ever heard about going to war over an emotion???

  4. This is priceless Lonnie. Not really a political issue but it's kind of gross he is constantly sucking on his fingers and then shaking hands with people. Yuk!

  5. bejanekentucky: Really! Damn that Big Government wanting good hygiene! No need to worry about germs. They're a natural part of the environment.